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The selection processes an assessment of each applicant’s character, ability, reputation, habits, and associates. They are required to take oral and written examinations, as well as complete a thorough background investigation. In addition, a complete criminal history check through the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Security and Investigative Service is conducted. An assessment of each applicant’s profile and training is then made to ascertain if their background and prior employment is adequately suited to your company’s specific needs. Additionally, all of our officers receive extensive training to develop their interpersonal relation skills so that they will be discreet and non-confrontational in situations requiring their intervention. Although the aforementioned seems more than sufficient, we go even further in ensuring quality service. Each shift has a patrol supervisor who is accountable for the activities of officers assigned to his/her shift.


Security Officers


Our security officers are trained and licensed and meet all requirements of the State for Private Security Guards, including age, citizenship/residency, and authorization to work in the United States. A background check of each security officer is not only conducted by the State, but is mandated and completed by LA. & Associates.

Executive Protection


Our “bodyguards” meet all State requirements, including certification. Bodyguard services are performed by law enforcement officers, military personnel, and experienced and certified security offers. 


Our certified “bodyguards” are experienced and fully trained in vehicle and motorcade tactics, close quarters tactics, and evacuation methods. Our “bodyguards” maintain their certifications for the usage of batons, pepper spray and firearms.


Because society is forever changing, our “bodyguards” continue training in the latest security and enforcement techniques and are kept up-to-date on the latest laws passed.

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